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To aid the poor and the deprived people in the field of Basic Living, Education and health.


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In Aug 2005, a group of like-minded individuals came together to think of ways in which they could be of help to the society. Although, the consensus was to do something in our respective home towns/villages/cities, we were not very sure how to execute. As a start, we responded to support the needy people based on published articles on internet editions of Indian newspapers. Gradually we realized the difficulties of executing the projects in India remotely from USA. This led to exploring the possiblility of tie-ups with non-profit organizations both in India and USA to help us in efficient execution of the different projects in our home towns. However, our search resulted in a conclusion that there was no entity with grass roots presence to help us in executing the charitable projects in India and we strongly felt the need to establish an organization with grassroots in the community.

Spandana Foundation was started with the main goal of creating the Vibrations of social service among NRIs and Motivate them to support and execute socially Responsible projects in their native places. In other words, Spandana Foundation is a platform to facilitate the socially responsible projects in your native place.

Spandana's model is to define the processes and make you understand what and how to execute various projects for the benefit of the poor and needy.

Spandana's goal is addressed by executing the projects under four different categories - Ashraya, Cheyutha, Pratibha, and Vidyalaya. Members can initiate any activity of their choice under each of the projects and execute at their native place. Projects are done by members, and not by Spandana.

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October 16, 2022 Florida
October 16, 2022 New Jersey
October 01, 2020 California
April 19, 2020 New Jersey
February 1st, 2020 New Jersey

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To aid the poor and the deprived people in the field of Basic Living, Education and health.


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